CMB serves individually wrapped food items and provides hand sanitizer.
Tables are spaced accordingly and attendees are allowed to adjust their seating to preference.
Since appropriate social distancing is possible, the use of a mask is left up to the individual's preference.



4 PM the day before

and receive our regular "Smokey Mo's”
lunch for no charge!

** Once registered, if you cannot make it, 
please let us know by 4 pm the day before **

You are welcome to ‘walk-in’ and attend if you do not register, but we will ask that you wait until pre-registered attendants have gone through the line.

Luncheon Registration

Once Ordered We Must Pay.

If plans change, please contact us by 4pm the day before

Your meal will include a BBQ Brisket, Pork or Turkey Sandwich, Chips, Cookie and Tea.

We have opportunities for monthly supporters*

* CMB is a 501C3 - All donations are fully tax-deductible.

What greater way can we minister to our community than share the great speakers we have been blessed with!